Anne Grofvert is passionate about cycling – as a path to fitness, personal fulfillment, demanding competition and plain fun. That passion has led her to understand and master the nuances of the sport and personal performance. Training with and coaching with power has allowed Anne to develop to expert levels as both a cyclist and a coach. Over the past ten years, she has earned top finishes at XC and endurance mountain bike events as well as back-to-back podiums at masters cyclocross nationals.

Anne came to cycling later in life and has developed into an athlete who understands the discipline required to set and reach goals. She sees power-based training as a tool to make the best use of limited training time while enabling an athlete to focus a workout on specific skills. She believes that reaching full athletic potential involves developing the body together with strong mental focus. “It’s never too late to start getting serious, and never too late to see serious improvement, even with limited training time,” says Anne.

Working with Hunter Allen (Peaks Coaching Group) as her coach for a number of years has allowed Anne to learn firsthand the art and science of training with power. She also worked with Cycling Peaks software (now WKO+) since the beta stage. On the technical side, Anne is fluent in power devices (Powertap, Quarq, SRM) and their application to bikes and software (both PC and Mac). A skilled mechanic, she can assist athletes in fine tuning not only their performance but their rides as well.

This passion for the sport has led Anne to share her experience in many ways, from conducting clinics with aspiring riders to working with masters athletes who want to bring their performance up a notch in the midst of the demands of family and work.

Power by Design Coaching is a full-time job for this USA Cycling-certified coach, and Anne dedicates herself, full time, to her athletes. Anne is available to work with cyclists of any age and at any level. (Update: not accepting new clients at this time)

“Cycling is a demanding sport but a wonderfully demanding one,” says Anne. “Supportive coaching coupled with power-based training can provide any athlete with a smarter path to improvement, achievement and fulfillment.