Power meters available at Power by Design Coaching

Power Meters

Power2Max are a leader in power meters and now have gravel setups available as well! Options are available for all bottom brackets and in many cases you can use your existing crankset. Head over to the contact form and send a note with what you're interested in. Learn more at power2max.cc

SRM SPD & Flat power meter pedals available NOW

SRM X-Power is the answer for everyone who seeks class-leading measurement accuracy, maximum flexibility, and proper ruggedness in his PowerMeter Pedals. Using SPD bindings, the X-Power design follows a minimalist approach with the best functionality for MTB, Gravel or Cyclocross.

Favero Assioma Duo Power Pedals

The seasons may be changing but ASSIOMA’s accuracy won’t. Completely waterproof and dustproof, ASSIOMA’s bicomponent resin block guarantees long term reliability in the harshest of riding conditions.

Watts Up

Limited availabilty for testing. Contact for options..